Welcome to our fabulous FAQ section, where we answer all the burning questions you didn't even know you had! Think of it as a sassy conversation with your favorite drag queens, minus the wigs and high heels (unless you're into that – we won't judge!).

What is a "show"?

A "show" is typically a 3-5 minute song lip-synced by the performer. It is usually a pop song, camp classic, or something the Queen thinks will be fabulous.

Where can your Queens perform?

Our Queens can perform almost anywhere and everywhere, from public spaces to private homes, from restaurants to bars, clubs, festivals and more!

What games will the Queen play at my Hens Party?

The games vary from Queen to Queen depending on what the Queen does best and their own repertoire of games. They tend to be typical hens party games, sometimes with a Drag twist. You’re also more than welcome to organise the games yourself and have the Queen host them, just let us know.

Can we pick the songs performed?

You're more than welcome to suggest a song that you would like to be performed, and we can see if it's something in the Queen's current repertoire or if it's something they could specifically learn for you.

Can I choose the Queen I want to book?

You absolutely can! We have a separate enquiry form for booking specific performers which you can find here http://www.bookaqueen.com.au/bookingaspecificperformer . Otherwise, please use our "Get A Quote" form and we'll send you quotes for your specific event. Please note that if you're booking using our packages (i.e Hens Party Packages) we can't guarantee the availability of any specific performers, and the performer is subject to change at any time.

How much space is needed for the performer?

Our Queens have worked in some of the largest spaces, and also some of the smallest, so they are very easily able to adapt to any location. Obviously, the bigger the space, the more room for performing, but any space will do.

What equipment do I need to provide?

Our Queens will arrive with everything that they need to fulfil their bookings. If you specifically need AV, please let us know so we can make sure the Queen comes prepared. If you have a specific microphone/music set up, also please let us know so then the Queen can come ready to use your system.

What is "SINGO BINGO"?

Imagine your grandmas bingo but turned up to 100! With this bingo, there's no numbers, just fabulous tunes! Your Drag Queen will be your guide through this epic sonic adventure, spinning everything from chart-toppers to guilty pleasures. Each round brings a new challenge – will you be the first to mark off "Bohemian Rhapsody" or "Dancing Queen"? Get ready to test your musical knowledge, and don't worry if you can't carry a tune – bingo dabbers don't judge!

Can the Queens come dressed in our theme?

Drag Queens love a theme! Please let us know of any themes for your event, and we'll do our best to make sure the Queen comes dressed fabulously in costume. Obviously, we can't guarantee this because different Queens have different wardrobes, but we can definitely see what can be arranged.

Can we request what TYPE of Queen we get?

Queens vary a lot! There's glamour Queens, comedy queens, stunt queens, etc. All of our Queens are professionals that know what to do for each specific event, but if you've got a specific vibe in mind, please let us know and we'll do our best to have a Queen ready for you that fits perfectly.

What does "AFAB" mean?

"AFAB" stands for "Assigned Female At Birth". Everybody can do drag! Yes, even you! Some of our performers  are cis-gender women who do drag.

Can the Queens travel to me?

We absolutely can! Our Queens have traveled all over the country and beyond. Let us know the specific location of your booking ASAP so that we can include the travel fee in your quote.

Still have questions? Email us at contact@bookaqueen.com.au